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Christmas Fayre

Yesterday there was a Christmas Fayre at uni, which some of the 3rd year Contemporary Craft students had organized to raise money for their final year exhibition. As myself and Nicole were also raising money for our expedition they allowed us to have a stall there for free.

We laboured away on Friday night making flower hairbands and putting together some sweet cones to sell. On Sunday morning we made earrings out of beer bottle tops and shrunk down chocolate and crisp packets. On monday afternoon we finished off some earring, made some cakes and made an info poster to put up on the stall.

We had a pretty successful time at the fayre, raising approximately £50 between us. Its not a lot...but everything we raise counts towards the total.

Thanks to everyone who supported us buy purchasing something

Sam :)


My Gapforce T-shirt arrived in the post this morning. Very exciting. Lots of photos will be taken over the next year in it. Nicole's is on its way, so we will match. Their first outing will be the Tremough Christmas Market.



Yesterday morning, the sun was shining and the sky was clear and blue. Which was perfect, as Nicole and myself had arranged a trip into Truro to hand out letters and leaflets to try and blag some donations of raffle prizes. We handed out about 30 Info packs, it was a pretty encouraging day, most efforts seemed like they would be profile. We'll keep you updated with the outcome.

Sam x

Greenforce Blog

Here is a blog entry from the greenforce blog that one of the current volunteers wrote. Its great to hear what they're doing out there at the moment. It also makes me even more excited than I already am about going. Its going to be such an amazing experience and a great way to expand our knowledge on conservation and fish speices. Take a look:

Sam x

Wheels are in Motion

I just thought I would post an update. Plans are underway for an event close to the end of this term, before Nicole and myself go home for the Christmas holidays. Letters are being written to obtain donations for a raffle. If anyone can help with this, that would be amazing, just leave us a comment on this post and we'll get back to you.
We have also produced an information leaflet. Which we will be sending alongside fundraising letter, and also giving out with raffle tickets we sell, so that people are more aware of what it is that we will be doing.

More updates as they come

Sam :)

Nicole and Sam are final year Conservation Biology and Ecology students at the University of Exeter; Nicole doing a joint honours course with Geography.

Nicole and Sam are passionate about the marine environment and have decided to volunteer with Greenforce, a successful non-profit NGO (non-governmental organisation) who specialise in biodiversity surveys across the globe.

In October 2010 Nicole and Sam will be travelling to Andros Island, which one of the many islands which makes up the Bahamas. On their trip, they will undertake extensive dive training (PADI open water, advanced open water and emergency first response) in order to carry out twice daily Reef Check surveys and Fish Biodiversity surveys; to help with the creation of Marine Protected Zones. Another part of the expedition includes visiting a local primary school, once a week, to teach the local children about marine life and the importance of maintaining it.

If you think you can help us in any way than let us know.

Many thanks

Nicole and Sam